cnn-internationalWhen I go onto the computer I normally go first to and look at the recent news. Also I pay close attention on the technology part of the CNN site; also I pay close attention to the world part of CNN. CNN is one of my favorite news sites, mostly because it is so user friendly, and very easy to find the different news stories. Also CNN, that I can tell, has very good writers on top of that. The writers have a sense of humor in the minor stories that they have done. Fox news is another website I look at too, but it is not as good as CNN in my opinion. If I ever need cheats for my video games like red dead redemption, prototype, dragon age, and assassins creed II, or if I need walkthroughs to a game ;I go to Also facebook takes up a lot of my time while on the computer, which isn’t a good thing for me. Facebook is like the ultimate procrastination, and homework does not get done if I go on it.News-FacebookRobbery

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